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[85] Passover, Legumes and a Trip to the Mikveh…

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This is a very special episode: Faiqa’s on her own to host this one, but she welcomes a special guest to help talk about these two Jewish traditions.

First — Passover. We’ve done Passover quite a bit on this show. Check out Episode 6, Episode 46 and Episode 67 if you have some free time.

However, this year we talk about a new decision regarding Kosher for Passover food: The Rabbinical Assembly’s Committee for Jewish Laws and Standards passed a resolution in November stating that it is permissible for Ashkenazic Jews (from Eastern-European descent) to eat legumes (or kitniyot) on Passover. This is a new development which reverses an 800 year old edict. How is that going to change things?

And we also talk about the Jewish ritual bath, or mikveh — and how it’s being re-purposed for a new generation. Traditionally used primarily by converts to Judaism to seal the deal and by married women ending their menstrual periods, communities (like ones in Boston and Washington, DC) are encouraging mikveh use for personal transitions and reflection. Listen to find out more…

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[84] Bend It Like… Bathrooms?

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Ripped from the headlines!

We discuss two recent news stories that have had some traction lately…

First, a Muslim seventh grade student from Houston was singled out in his class and told that “we all think you’re a terrorist” when he laughed at a movie (Bend It Like Beckham) they had been watching. The teacher defended her actions saying that she was trying to teach the class about negative stereotypes. The student’s parents want the teacher removed. We discuss our experiences with being singled out due to stereotypes — and what we should be doing to ensure that this is not a common occurrence.

And then we talk about the recent passage of “bathroom bills” which have popped up in the south (including North Carolina’s HB2) which adversely affect the trans community and mandate that people (including students) use restrooms consistent with the sex on their birth certificate — even if that does not match their gender identity. What’s behind the fear-mongering? And how do our own religious and cultural traditions deal with transgender identity?

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[83] Hair! That’s My Hummus

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Let’s talk about hair: each strand of it contains your DNA — which are the building blocks of you. Every little individual trait is encoded on that one little piece of hair.

And that strand? It’s strong. It can hold up to 100 grams. Multiply that by the 100,000 strands on the average human head and that’s the weight of two elephants. Really sturdy stuff.

But hair is also a marker for identity and individuality. And hair has had cultural significance throughout world history. This past week this became an issue at San Francisco State University when a video of an altercation between a student of color and a white student with dreadlocks became public. Was this a case of cultural appropriation? Was it inappropriate?

We also discuss what our own religions and cultures say about hair. And our own experiences with the way we style, color or cover it.

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[82] What Happens on Campus…

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… doesn’t necessarily stay on campus.

This week’s episode goes back to college — as we discuss some issues which have been newsworthy lately but have also been longstanding issues since we were both in school.

First: fraternities on campus. There have been episodes of dangerous behavior contributing to major injuries and death due to hazing as well as a culture which has promoted sexual assault. What are colleges (and fraternities) doing about this? Is it enough?

We then talk about a resolution recently passed at the University of California condemning antisemitism. There have been increasing numbers of incidents where protests against Israeli policy have crossed a line into tactics which target Jewish groups.

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[81] Fuller Hou(mmu)se

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It’s a valid question: Whatever did happen to predictability?

It’s our TV talk episode! We talk about our experiences watching two recent Netflix shows: Fuller House and Master of None. And how they both impacted us culturally and nostalgically.

We also delve into some of our other favorite shows.

But it’s likely that we’re missing a whole bunch of good ones that you want to tell us about. What should we be watching? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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[80] When you assume…

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… you make an overstated cliche that everyone already knows.

This week we take a break from the usual review of current events with our commentary sprinkled in — and we talk about ourselves.  There is far more to each of us than “Jewish, male podcast host” and “Muslim female podcast host.” Those around us have made assumptions about who we are, what we stand for, and how we think. But as multi-faceted individuals, sometimes they don’t get it right.  Each of us took five points which we feel people have assumed incorrectly about us.

So? Listen! And also — let us know what assumptions people have made about you… Find us on Facebook or Twitter. Or click on the box below…

What assumptions do people make about you that are not true?

Posted by Hey! That's My Hummus on Wednesday, March 9, 2016


As we mentioned yesterday – Faiqa was in Atlanta promoting a book of essays about Hillary Clinton which she participated in. Take a look at the book here:

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Great episode on its way! Also? A plug…

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Hi everyone.

It’s 11:21 pm EST and Faiqa and I just got off of Skype after recording an amazing and intense episode of “Hey! That’s My Hummus!”

This one was a bit different than most:  we didn’t talk about current events, holidays, cultural traditions or Justin Bieber.   Instead, we talked about assumptions people make about us based on our multi-faceted identities.  We’re not just the Jew and the Muslim who jointly host a podcast together; we’re identified by our genders, our occupations, our ethnicities, our political stances and more. So we both took five assumptions people make about each of us and talked to each other about them.

And it was truly eye-opening.

But you’ll have to take our word for it because we’ve listened to it live and you haven’t yet.  I’m doing the post-processing and (hopefully) will have this ready for you by the end of the weekend. In the meantime, feel free to visit our Facebook page (or the box below) and comment about the assumptions people have made about you!

What assumptions do people make about you that are not true?

Posted by Hey! That's My Hummus on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

We’re just excited about this. 🙂

In the meantime — Faiqa will be appearing at Charis Books and More in Atlanta, GA tomorrow at 7:30 pm for a reading / presentation of “Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox,” a book of essays about Hillary Clinton from the perspective of numerous women writers.  Faiqa has an essay featured in the book.

If you can’t make it — you can support her (and us!) by buying the book through Amazon and our web page — which allows for a small proceed to be delivered our way.  Check it out!

[79] Capitulater, Alligator!

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First Class Airline Seats“Capitulater, Alligator!”

“Patronage denial, Crocodile!”

This week’s show starts by talking about a specific boycott threat of Lands’ End — the company that makes quality catalog-ordered clothing and accessories.  When they decided to place a featured interview with Ms. Magazine founder and feminist activist Gloria Steinem in their latest issue, they received backlash due to Steinem’s reproductive rights stance and activism, even though not one word was mentioned about this in the piece. Lands’ End decided to retract the article and apologize to those who were offended.  Do boycotts (or threats of boycotts) end up with capitulation of the company? Or do they simply make a statement without enacting change?

We also talk about the discrimination lawsuit Israeli airline El Al faces due to a female passenger being asked to change her seat by a flight attendant because an Ultra-Orthodox passenger didn’t want to sit next to a woman.  Faiqa retells her similar experience when traveling to Pakistan as a teen.

Please ensure that your tray-tables are in their upright and locked position before listening to today’s episode.

And as always – we’d love to hear from you! Find us on Facebook or Twitter.

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[78] Trump, Trial, and a Triumphant Return

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donald-trumpHi everyone!

We’re back after a short, 126-week break.  Hopefully this isn’t a pattern — but if it is, we’ll look forward to recording again in October 2018.

Today’s episode has us talking current events: Presidential candidate Donald Trump told an apocryphal wild story at a campaign stop in South Carolina about a U.S. Army General who would combat Muslim insurgents by shooting them with bullets dipped in pigs’ blood. Trump is the front-runner in the race for the Republican nomination. We discuss the culture of xenophobia and how it’s pumped up by Trump’s campaign.

We also talk about the latest legal battle for pop singer Kesha (formerly Ke$ha) who has accused her producer, Dr. Luke, of sexual harassment and assault and has requested to extricate herself from her contract. While many artists have come to her aid, Dr. Luke maintains his innocence. Will there be an equitable resolution?

If you’ve got comments, questionable flattery and show ideas, or you just want to welcome us back, you can also let us know on Facebook or tweet us @thatsmyhummus.

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Been a while…

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Hi! Did you miss us? We missed you. Honest.  (Although it probably doesn’t seem like it — in that we haven’t posted a new episode for nearly a year…)

So — let’s address that first, shall we?

Faiqa and I (this is Mike/Shiny) absolutely loved what we did on a regular basis — developing and presenting Hey! That’s My Hummus!  After a while, however, both of us became quite busy with other responsibilities which were taking up more time, and we simply didn’t have the resources available to continue on a regular basis.  There wasn’t a “falling out;”  we still talk to each other every so often on Facebook.  Our podcast series didn’t get canceled or sold to a media content company (we wish!), nor did we get sued by the hummus lobby.

Recently both of us have been thinking about our partnership — a lot of this has to do with the escalating events occurring in Palestine and Israel over the past several weeks. This is a war for which one of the battlegrounds has been social media:  each of us has been experiencing a wide range of posts, videos and articles on our Facebook feeds from all over the spectrum.  It has become tense. And when tensions rise, it’s usually an excuse to separate oneself from “the other folks” — making it more difficult for solid communication and understanding to occur between people who share different beliefs.

And that’s one of the things we loved about Hey! That’s My Hummus!  We obviously didn’t agree on every single issue. But we could discuss it. Not as emissaries of the Jewish and Muslim communities, but rather as two, multi-faceted individuals seeing this from different vantage points.  With that discussion often came different possibilities and understandings rather than the expected party lines.

We truly value what we have.  And we look forward to collaborating again in the future. We don’t know when, but we both share an interest in it. It could be weeks. Months. Years. We don’t know.  (If someone would like to contribute $250,000 to a Kickstarter fund in our names, I’m sure we could move the schedule up a bit…)


Today our paths crossed in a way which was a bit of an unexpected intersection:  Faiqa wrote a powerful blog post discussing what she has been observing this past month — stressing that we need to make a connection to those affected by this tragedy on a human level rather than one of ideals or factions. Read it.  I certainly didn’t do it justice in the previous sentence.  Within the hour, I had a selection of mine posted to The Listserve, a once-a-day email sent to aboout 24,500 people.  I wrote about our personal connection as individuals which stemmed from this podcast. (Hi to those of you who are reading this because of my post.)

The message is clear:  now, more than ever, we need to connect. Not as groups. Not as “us vs. them.”  As individuals. As humans.

I’m posting my Listserve email here for those of you not on the list.  (More after the break…)

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