Hey! Where’s My Hummus?

As you’ve probably already determined by now, we did not release a new episode of Hey! That’s My Hummus! this week.

“Why?” you may be asking. “Have the two of you resolved your differences amicably and behind the scenes?”

“Have you run out of things to talk about?”

“Have you actually realized that this is neither of your respective hummuses, but rather the hummus belonging to a Mr. Geoff Patrickson of East Slinger, Wisconsin?”

Fortunately, the answer is “no” to each of the above questions. We (Faiqa and Shiny) are still enthusiastic about our enthusiastic discussions. We’ve just been incredibly busy due to some wonderful happenings in our respective schedules. With the recent Mom 2.0 Summit and the Jewish holiday of Passover, our schedules have truly been booked up.

However — we’ll be back next Friday with a brand new episode of Hey! That’s My Hummus! We’ll even use some of the ideas you’ve suggested right here, on our Facebook Page and our Twitter account (@ThatsMyHummus).

In the meantime, however, we encourage you to use this time to catch up on some of our past shows! You can find all of them at our iTunes page. Or you can find each of our episodes through our blog posts on this very site.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. Hope you’ve had / are having a wonderful holiday if you happen to have one occurring. We’ll see you in a few days.

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