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  • Published: May 27th, 2011
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Ask a Muslim [LISTEN – Episode 10]

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In this episode, Faiqa discusses the compatibility of feminism, modernity and Islam along with scores of other interesting questions submitted by HTMH listeners.  Prepare for total enlightenment.  Okay, not really.  But, hey, you might learn something.

And you may even laugh a little.

We also discuss how we each feel about a proposed ban on circumcision in San Francisco.

If you weren’t able to get your questions in time for this recording, don’t worry!

This isn’t the last time we tokenize each other for your listening pleasure.

If you have questions for either of us, keep e-mailing them to our hey [at] heythatsmyhummus [dot] com and we’ll definitely get to them in a future episode.

Thanks to everyone who sent the e-mails/tweets and smoke signals for this episode.


Never Heard Of Common?

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In Episode 9: “Kahn not Khan, Gay Marriage and Gangstas in Da House,” we discussed in the last segment why American artist Common’s appearance at the White House caused such controversy.

I wanted to share something with you:


I Have A Dream, by Common

In search of brighter days, I ride through the maze of the madness,
Struggle is my address, where pain and crack lives,
Gunshots comin’ from sounds of Blackness,
Given this game with no time to practice,
Born on the Black list, told I’m below average,
A life with no cabbage,
That’s no money if you from where I’m from,
Funny, I just want some of your sun
Dark clouds seem to follow me,
Alcohol that my pops swallowed bottled me,
No apology, I walk with a boulder on my shoulder,
It’s a Cold War – I’m a colder soldier,
Hold the same fight that made Martin Luther the King…


Dark clouds seem to follow me…I just want some of your sun… I mean, wow.

Frankly, I found that pretty poetic.

You can watch the video here, you will NOT be sorry.

Plus it’s got stuff about Jewish people in there.  Double points for relevance for me!!

Faiqa’s Interfaith Awesomeness Total: 3,412 / Mike’s Interfaith Awesomeness Total: 3.5

The half a point is for saying “Khan” correctly, BTW.

P.S. We’ve gotten a few responses about listeners “being behind” on listening to the podcast.  Just wanted to remind you, this isn’t One Life to Live or something, there’s no real order… you can listen to whatever episode you like whenever you like!  We’re always thankful for your support.   🙂

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  • Published: May 20th, 2011
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Episode 9: Kahn not Khan, Gay Marriage & Gangstas in Da House

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Judaism and Islam on Gay marriageIn this most recent episode, we discuss sexual assault charges pending against the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and how our respective faiths view gay marriage.  And, of course, we added a little gangsta rap at the White House into the mix just to keep it real, yo.

I’m going to let you get on with the listening here in a second, but before I do that… did you know that next week is an “Ask the Muslim” episode?

You can ask me all sorts of questions.

Here’s some inspiration:

Do Muslims eat peanut butter?  If so, Jif or Peter Pan?

Come on, you really don’t eat bacon?

If a little girl takes a Barbie to Saudi Arabia, does the Barbie have to wear an abaya?

How many Muslims does it REALLY take to change a light bulb?

Seriously, ask me anything.

Don’t worry about treating me like a token because you can be assured I won’t act like one.  Much.

If you prefer to pose your questions privately, you can e-mail us at hey [at] heythatsmyhummus [dot] com

For those of you who are attention seekers, use the comments, our Facebook page or Twitter.

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  • Published: May 13th, 2011
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Episode 8: Pakistan, Invisible Hillary & It’s “Friday”! (We So Excited).

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Today, we’re wondering if we can really trust Pakistan, why Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s image was MIA in a Brooklyn newspaper and, most significantly, if Rebecca Black is the future of pop.

As you probably know, the numbers 9 and 10 come after 8.

To celebrate the number 10, we’ve decided to make our tenth episode a little different and call it “Ask the Muslim.”  If you need me to be your token , er, you’ve got questions for me, ask them here in the comments, on twitter or our Facebook page.  Or, if you want to ask privately, just e-mail me at hey [at] heythatsmyhummus [com].

The whole tenth episode will be devoted to these questions, so make them good!  Or not.  Just ask me something so we don’t have to talk about vampires again.

If you’re looking for a list of previous episodes, be sure to check us out on iTunes.

And, you know, while you’re over there, why not give us a rating?  A good one preferably.

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Werewolf Bar Mitzvah (as discussed on episode 7)

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I mentioned this on Episode 7: The Osama Thing, Bullies and Vampires. If you haven’t had a chance to listen, please feel free to do so. The podcast is in the post — or you can click on the iTunes link on the side to download it directly.

30 Rock continues to be one of my favorite shows presently on television. It brings together so many different brands of comedy and fuses them all together in an homage to anything and everything.  In one episode there was a throwaway joke (seventeen seconds) where Tracy Jordan (played by Tracy Morgan) finds his Grammy award for the novelty song he had made which sounds identical to The Monster Mash. They cut away to the video for Werewolf Bar Mitzvah. That, in itself, was funny enough.

But then they decided to produce the entire song for the 30 Rock soundtrack!  The following is from NBC’s site; a video was not made, but they cut together stills of the clip and played the music over it. I like how the Jewish humor is there — but it simply doesn’t mix with what we think of Tracy. Have a listen…

If you have an iPhone or another device that doesn’t play Flash, you can try a fan-made link here.

Episode 7: The Osama Thing, Bullies, and Vampires (Naturally)

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On this episode of HTMH, Mike and I discuss reactions to the news about Osama bin Laden, bullying and vampires.

Because, obviously, all of these things belong together in the same episode.

I just want to add here that I was remiss in adding that I don’t think Muslim vampires should get credit for fasting during Ramadan.  They only eat after sundown already, so it’s just not that big of a deal for them as it is for the rest of us.  I’m just saying.

I hope the Council on American Islamic Vampire Relations doesn’t read this.

Shhh.  Don’t tell.

Enjoy and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

Show ideas? Tweet us at @thatsmyhummus or let us know via our Facebook page.

We’re also accepting guest posts on topics we’ve discussed, just send us an e-mail at hey [at] heythatsmyhummus [dot] com to find out more.

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  • Published: May 4th, 2011
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An Old School SNL Style Seder

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I  mentioned this on Episode 6: Passover, Burqa Bans and Birth Certificates.

Those who have already listened to the latest podcast will recall that I mentioned that it’s not a real show unless you have to apologize to someone.

Remedied, my friends.

Drafting my letter of apology…. right… now.

What do you think, funny or offensive?  I remember it being funny when I first watched it, but now… awkwaaaard.

Here you go:

SNL Seinfeld Passover Sketch by The1Gorgon


P.S. I searched for some time trying to find code to embed within this post, but all I could find was a link. More apologies. Hey, when it rains it pours, huh?

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