Ask a Muslim [LISTEN – Episode 10]

In this episode, Faiqa discusses the compatibility of feminism, modernity and Islam along with scores of other interesting questions submitted by HTMH listeners.  Prepare for total enlightenment.  Okay, not really.  But, hey, you might learn something. And you may even laugh a little. We also discuss how we each feel about a proposed ban on […]

Never Heard Of Common?

In Episode 9: “Kahn not Khan, Gay Marriage and Gangstas in Da House,” we discussed in the last segment why American artist Common’s appearance at the White House caused such controversy. I wanted to share something with you:   I Have A Dream, by Common In search of brighter days, I ride through the maze […]

An Old School SNL Style Seder

I  mentioned this on Episode 6: Passover, Burqa Bans and Birth Certificates. Those who have already listened to the latest podcast will recall that I mentioned that it’s not a real show unless you have to apologize to someone. Remedied, my friends. Drafting my letter of apology…. right… now. What do you think, funny or […]