Ask a Muslim [LISTEN – Episode 10]

In this episode, Faiqa discusses the compatibility of feminism, modernity and Islam along with scores of other interesting questions submitted by HTMH listeners.  Prepare for total enlightenment.  Okay, not really.  But, hey, you might learn something.

And you may even laugh a little.

We also discuss how we each feel about a proposed ban on circumcision in San Francisco.

If you weren’t able to get your questions in time for this recording, don’t worry!

This isn’t the last time we tokenize each other for your listening pleasure.

If you have questions for either of us, keep e-mailing them to our hey [at] heythatsmyhummus [dot] com and we’ll definitely get to them in a future episode.

Thanks to everyone who sent the e-mails/tweets and smoke signals for this episode.


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  1. Dave2May 31, 2011

    Yet another excellent show that’s essential listening… thanks!

    I was surprised that the only question I had wasn’t asked by anybody else, and am now sorry I have been traveling and didn’t get it sent in on-time. Faiqa got a question about her religion causing fear… but what I really want to know is has she felt fear from others because of her religion. And I actually think this is a good question for both of you.

    As a non-Christian, I have been made to feel disrespected, ridiculed, and excluded for my beliefs. But I have never been hated or persecuted (that I know of). Yet I have American Muslim friends who are candid in expressing their fears about living in a post-9/11 world. Even today they say that they sometimes worry about walking down the street or letting their children out to play for fear of some ignorant person attacking them. They figure Anti-Muslim sentiment gets regular exposure on high-profile places like FOX News, and who knows how that’s inciting people. How does such an atmosphere affect your day-to-day life as a Muslim American? How do you handle it when you see or personally experience anti-Muslim sentiment?

    And this reminds me of the time I flew into an airport and was waiting for my hotel shuttle to arrive. A young Jewish man (wearing his kippah) asked a couple of guys further down the sidewalk for directions and was ignored. Thinking he wasn’t clear, he repeated his question and was brutally rebuffed. They somehow managed to insult the guy’s religion, parentage, and sexuality in a single sentence. The poor guy just stood there shocked, so I wandered up and told him that I’d show him where to go. Along the way I tried to lighten the mood by saying “And that’s what happens to your manners when you eat bacon” but he was badly shaken and I don’t think anything I said would have made him feel better. How does the ever-present undercurrents of anti-Semitism affect your day-today life as a Jewish American? How do you handle it when you see or personally experience anti-Semetic sentiment?


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