Episode 8: Pakistan, Invisible Hillary & It’s “Friday”! (We So Excited).

Today, we’re wondering if we can really trust Pakistan, why Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s image was MIA in a Brooklyn newspaper and, most significantly, if Rebecca Black is the future of pop.

As you probably know, the numbers 9 and 10 come after 8.

To celebrate the number 10, we’ve decided to make our tenth episode a little different and call it “Ask the Muslim.”  If you need me to be your token , er, you’ve got questions for me, ask them here in the comments, on twitter or our Facebook page.  Or, if you want to ask privately, just e-mail me at hey [at] heythatsmyhummus [com].

The whole tenth episode will be devoted to these questions, so make them good!  Or not.  Just ask me something so we don’t have to talk about vampires again.

If you’re looking for a list of previous episodes, be sure to check us out on iTunes.

And, you know, while you’re over there, why not give us a rating?  A good one preferably.


  1. MeganMay 13, 2011

    Wow, “Ask The Muslim”! Of course now I cannot think of a single one of the 20,000 questions that begin to swim around in my mind every time you or anyone else talks about Islam. Hmm…

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