Filter This, WalMart Protests, and Footloose Redux #13 [LISTEN]

This week Mike and I discussed the concept of customized search engine and social media filtering in the context that it’s being discussed in Eli Pariser’s book The Filter Bubble: What The Internet is Hiding From You.  In a grand experiment we searched three terms suggested by our Twitter followers:  muskrat, umbrella and occidental.   The results were… interesting.

We also discussed the impact of one day boycotts in light of WalMart’s recent victory in a gender discrimination case that was presided over in the Supreme Court and the total and complete immorality of remaking Footloose.

That last part might just be my opinion.

Special thanks to @bellaventa, @themuskrat and @pienary for providing the search terms in our highly scientific experiment.

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  1. RenJuly 1, 2011

    Saw the preview of the new “Footloose” a couple of nights ago and it looks identical to the original. That being said, I don’t really have anything against remakes. Plays have been being remade (what tense is that?!) for centuries, and while movies are different since you can just watch the original, audiences become less and less likely to do so as time passes.

    As I believe Faiqa mentioned in the podcast, there’s also the chance that the remake will introduce new viewers to the original. This happened to me after watch “You’ve Got Mail”. I ended up watching (and enjoying) both “The Shop Around The Corner” (1940) and “In The Good Old Summertime” (1949), two earlier versions of the same story. Although, they’re not as identical as this new “Footloose” version appears to be. Perhaps closer to the recent remake of “Pocahontas” (“Avatar”), where the setting and accouterments are changed. 🙂

  2. MycletteJuly 7, 2011

    I can’t WAIT to see the remake of “Fright Night”. My sister, brother and I loved that movie and I do an awesome Evil Ed impersonation. I am excited to see Colin Farrell playing Jerry Dandrige because it incorporates two of my favorite things: vampires and dark, bad boy Irishmen *rawl*. I LOVE me some Colin Farrell.

    By the way, the remake of the Karate Kid was pretty good. I saw it twice. I think it did a good job of not being a carbon copy of the original.


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