Hey! That’s My Ketchup!

Three tomatoes are walking down the street — Papa Tomato, Mama Tomato and Baby Tomato. Baby Tomato starts lagging behind. And Papa Tomato gets really angry — goes back and squishes him. And says… “Ketchup!”

— Traditional Folklore. Also seen in “Pulp Fiction


First and foremost — Thank you for all of your support! You’ve been listening. downloading and spreading the word.  We’re now at — get this — over 4,000 downloads! We certainly couldn’t do this without you.

This week is a “catch-up” week (catch-up / ketchup. Ha. Get it?) for Hey! That’s My Hummus! There are those of you out there who may be a few episodes behind. Or there may be some of you who started listening recently and might want to hear some of our back episodes. Well — here’s your chance! We have twelve of them which you can listen to — or share with your friends.

For those of you who have listened to them all — are you really sure you’ve heard all of the subtlety? Did you know that each episode contains some fiery vitriol which sounds downright offensive when taken out of context? (You can click on the episode numbers to jump right to that podcast.)

  • Episode 0: “… her cancer was because she turned her back on God.”
  • Epsiode 1: “… these three or four guys decide ‘we’re going to do it in a back room where nobody is.'”
  • Epsiode 2: “… I would never be someone that would be like ‘Oh, she’s a feminist…'”
  • Epsiode 3: “… not if it’s sickening or not, but… how do you feel about gay people?”
  • Epsiode 4: “No, you’re not dumb. It’s just that you haven’t looked at a map in a while…”
  • Epsiode 5: “… maybe this will somehow appeal to Joe the Plumber. I don’t know…”
  • Epsiode 6: “… why are you purposely instigating people?”
  • Epsiode 7: “See how that works? When I don’t want to play, nobody plays.”
  • Epsiode 8: “Take a look at the Pakistanis. Do the Pakistanis want pecan pie?”
  • Epsiode 9: “… you need to go over there and do your own thing. Because we don’t want any part of this.”
  • Epsiode 10: “… do not call me a self-hating Jew just because I refuse to drink the Kool-Aid.”
  • Epsiode 11: “… if he can get my cel phone and find all my other ‘terroristy’ friends, you know, why not just arrest me…”

Yikes! We’re controversial! Tell your friends!


Related to last week’s show — we spoke a bit about those who were arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial. And we talked about our love of Thomas Jefferson. And I mentioned his love of hummus.

Well, kind of. At least that’s alluded to in this very clever song by singer/songwriter/funny guy Remy of Go Remy. He’s a brilliant artist, and we’re going to have him on the show one day (although he’s not yet aware of this).  He has the best (only?) rap about hummus.  Watch below — and watch some of his other videos if you like what you see.



  1. Amit GoldingJune 11, 2011

    Hey Michael & Faiqa?! This is just to say thanks for the chance to catch up, ( I finally am ), and by the way did you get my last attempt to send you a post at [email protected] about poetry etc.?

  2. FaiqaJune 15, 2011

    Hi Amit!
    We did get the e-mail and will definitely work the idea into an upcomingshow! I’m sorry I thought I replied to you about it! -FK


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