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  • Published: Jul 29th, 2011
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Dollywood T-Shirts and Remembering Amy Winehouse – HTMH #19 [LISTEN]

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That is not the real Dolly Parton in the picture above. Nor is it the real Amy Winehouse. If it were — it would be an even more amazing picture to go along with Episode 19!

(As far as I can tell, that’s also not the real Janis Joplin. The jury is out as to whether Debbie Gibson is genuine or not.)

Earlier this month at one of the Dollywood theme parks in Knoxville, TN a park patron was asked by the gate staff to turn her shirt inside-out. The reason? The slogan printed on her shirt, “Marriage is So Gay,” could be deemed offensive by other visitors in the park in this “family-friendly” environment. Did the park staff overreact? Was the t-shirt potentially incendiary? Join us as we discuss this.

And we also talk about the recent death of musician Amy Winehouse — and the reactions we’ve seen about the way she lived her life.

And Faiqa graces us with a special announcement!

Speaking of special announcements — it is mere days until we record our “Ask a Jew” show! We want your questions about Judaism — anything you’ve always wanted to know!  You can reply to this blog entry. Or email us at hey@heythatsmyhummus.com. Or Tweet us at @ThatsMyHummus.

Operators are standing by!


Senseless and Sensitivity: New Zealand and Norway HTMH #18 [LISTEN]

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Things get a little heated in this episode.

Okay, not really.

Mike and I discuss the suspected Islamist terrorists attack in Norway and allegations of Israeli spies in New Zealand.

I also take credit for inventing peanut butter and jelly.  You’re welcome.


REMEMBER: EPISODE 20 IS OUR “ASK A JEW” EPISODE…  help us out by sending questions.

Please e-mail them to us at hey@heythatsmyhummus.com OR send them to us via Facebook or Twitter.

Debt Ceiling & NewsCorp Phone Hacking – HTMH #17 [LISTEN]

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In this episode, we discuss the”crisis” surrounding the  debt ceiling and scandals surrounding NewsCorp and Rupert Murdoch.

But, WAIT!  There’s MORE!

From now on, HTMH episodes will be around 30 minutes.  Just enough time for you to listen while you, say, go to the store and buy hummus.  Think about it, you can listen to hummus, while buying hummus.  Surreal.

We’ll also be releasing twice a week, in case you can’t stand the idea of not listening to us an hour a week.

Finally, remember in HTMH#20, Mike will graciously answer all questions Jew-related in a very special “Ask A Jew.”

If you have any questions about Judaism (or, hey, questions just for Shiny — like, “Gee, Shiny, Pepsi or Coke?”), ask them NOW! 

Send your questions to our Facebook page or Twitter.  Or you can just e-mail us at hey@heythatsmyhummus.com.

Caylee’s Law, What We Tell Kids & Journalism Hacks [LISTEN] #16

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It’s our sweet sixteen!

OmyGAWD, Mom, I wanted a blue BMW not a black one… you never get me anything I want. MTV shout out.  Does anyone even watch MTV, any more?

Anyway, in this episode of Hey! That’s My Hummus, we discuss the dark side of laws like the one currently being proposed in response to the Casey Anthony Trial.

We also discuss how and what we tell our kid’s about unpleasant current events.  Also, we reveal that Rupert Murdoch is actually from New Zealand and not Australia. No, not really. We actually discuss the impact of profit on journalistic ethics.

Have a good listen & don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!!

Note:  It appears that we had some technical difficulties with this episode — and are only able to bring you the first segment and almost all of the second. We apologize for the inconvenience. We’ll be back next week with a new, full episode for you to enjoy.

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Jew Collecting, Helicopter Parenting, and Facebook Friending HTMH #15 [LISTEN]

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Challenging the Hey! That’s My Hummus mantra of “Fair and Balanced,” episode #15 brings in a special guest host filling in for Faiqa — and she’s neither Muslim nor Floridian! It’s Kyra, who happens to be (a) Jewish and (b) married to Shiny.  This certainly throws the balance of the show off-kilter, and hilarity inevitably ensues.

We take a look at the phenomenon of “Jew collecting” — where Jews, as a novelty, will identify celebrities — especially professional sports players — who happen to also be Jewish.  (We’re guessing that this is done across many different religions, nationalities and cultures.) We also discuss effective parenting and discipline (being that both hosts are parents of the same kid), and we conclude with a frank discussion about social media connections and what makes those “friendships” different from other interpersonal relationships.

Just a friendly reminder to submit your questions for Shiny for Episode #20 — Ask The Jew!  Shiny will be entertaining questions submitted on this blog, on Facebook, on Twitter (@ThatsMyHummus) and email at hey@heythatsmyhummus.com.  We’ll be recording in only five weeks.

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Gender Benders, John Wayne (Gacy?), and Go the F*#@ to Sleep HTMH#14 [LISTEN]

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2012 Republican candidate


In this installment of our podcast, Mike and I discuss the effect of stereotyped gender roles and a bunch of Jewish stuff.  Then, we channel Jon Stewart (Hi Jon! Call me!) and discuss the media’s coverage of Michelle Bachmann who formally announced her candidacy for the presidential elections in 2012.  And, then, we wrap it up with talking about how we wish our children would just go the F*%$! to sleep.


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