Caylee’s Law, What We Tell Kids & Journalism Hacks [LISTEN] #16

It’s our sweet sixteen!

OmyGAWD, Mom, I wanted a blue BMW not a black one… you never get me anything I want. MTV shout out.  Does anyone even watch MTV, any more?

Anyway, in this episode of Hey! That’s My Hummus, we discuss the dark side of laws like the one currently being proposed in response to the Casey Anthony Trial.

We also discuss how and what we tell our kid’s about unpleasant current events.  Also, we reveal that Rupert Murdoch is actually from New Zealand and not Australia. No, not really. We actually discuss the impact of profit on journalistic ethics.

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Note:  It appears that we had some technical difficulties with this episode — and are only able to bring you the first segment and almost all of the second. We apologize for the inconvenience. We’ll be back next week with a new, full episode for you to enjoy.

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