Debt Ceiling & NewsCorp Phone Hacking – HTMH #17 [LISTEN]

In this episode, we discuss the”crisis” surrounding the  debt ceiling and scandals surrounding NewsCorp and Rupert Murdoch.

But, WAIT!  There’s MORE!

From now on, HTMH episodes will be around 30 minutes.  Just enough time for you to listen while you, say, go to the store and buy hummus.  Think about it, you can listen to hummus, while buying hummus.  Surreal.

We’ll also be releasing twice a week, in case you can’t stand the idea of not listening to us an hour a week.

Finally, remember in HTMH#20, Mike will graciously answer all questions Jew-related in a very special “Ask A Jew.”

If you have any questions about Judaism (or, hey, questions just for Shiny — like, “Gee, Shiny, Pepsi or Coke?”), ask them NOW! 

Send your questions to our Facebook page or Twitter.  Or you can just e-mail us at [email protected]

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