Dollywood T-Shirts and Remembering Amy Winehouse – HTMH #19 [LISTEN]


That is not the real Dolly Parton in the picture above. Nor is it the real Amy Winehouse. If it were — it would be an even more amazing picture to go along with Episode 19!

(As far as I can tell, that’s also not the real Janis Joplin. The jury is out as to whether Debbie Gibson is genuine or not.)

Earlier this month at one of the Dollywood theme parks in Knoxville, TN a park patron was asked by the gate staff to turn her shirt inside-out. The reason? The slogan printed on her shirt, “Marriage is So Gay,” could be deemed offensive by other visitors in the park in this “family-friendly” environment. Did the park staff overreact? Was the t-shirt potentially incendiary? Join us as we discuss this.

And we also talk about the recent death of musician Amy Winehouse — and the reactions we’ve seen about the way she lived her life.

And Faiqa graces us with a special announcement!

Speaking of special announcements — it is mere days until we record our “Ask a Jew” show! We want your questions about Judaism — anything you’ve always wanted to know!  You can reply to this blog entry. Or email us at [email protected]. Or Tweet us at @ThatsMyHummus.

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  1. Amit GoldingAugust 5, 2011

    Dear Michael and Faiqa,

    I tend to agree with most of Faiqa’s comments on the Winehouse story. I think that much of what see commented on in the blogasphere/facebooksphere/twittersphere, etc. amounts to what in Judaism is referred to as Leshon Hara, translated loosely as idle gossip or “trash-talk.” On the other hand, if we are honest with ourselves, almost everything that we do outside of work, and even sometimes during down time at work, is “trash-talk.” Even this pod-cast could be considered at times to be “trash-talk”, although of course I would never accuse it of being such a thing (:-). My point is and my question is if we start self-regulating Leshon Hara completely, would we stop talking altogether? What would there be to talk about? Is there a similar concept of Leshon Hara in Muslim and Christian belief?

    Please Discuss . . . .



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