Gender Benders, John Wayne (Gacy?), and Go the F*#@ to Sleep HTMH#14 [LISTEN]

2012 Republican candidate


In this installment of our podcast, Mike and I discuss the effect of stereotyped gender roles and a bunch of Jewish stuff.  Then, we channel Jon Stewart (Hi Jon! Call me!) and discuss the media’s coverage of Michelle Bachmann who formally announced her candidacy for the presidential elections in 2012.  And, then, we wrap it up with talking about how we wish our children would just go the F*%$! to sleep.


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  1. B.E. EarlJuly 1, 2011


    I’m going to disagree with you about Michelle Bachmann and what you see as her qualifications for the Presidency. I’m especially going to disagree that these little gaffes that she seems to make all the time don’t matter.

    She’s a strict Constitutionalist and a Tea Party member. The history of this country, and especially the intentions of our founding fathers, are of utmost importance to these people. Or at least it should be given their rhetoric. When she calls John Quincy Adams a founding father or gets the state in which the “shot heard round the world” was actually heard wrong…well, stuff like that really bothers me. Same with Sarah Palin getting Paul Revere’s ride wrong just so she could get in a mention of her gun policy agenda. It’s absolute bullshit. The John Wayne thing is just silly, but the other stuff matters or at least it should matter to someone speaking from her particular platform.

    Do you remember Bachmann from the 2008 election and all the crazy she brought to the table? She wanted to investigate members of Congress on whether or not they were anti-American. I seem to recall another Minnesota politician who wanted to do the same thing. Bachmann and her ilk throw around the term “anti-American” for anyone who disagrees with their agenda. It’s sickening.

    Sure, she’s smarter than Sarah Palin. So is my cat. But she’s not smart enough to be President of this country. Not when she goes about making obvious mistakes as she has done about things that are supposedly supremely important to her and her party.


  2. ShinyJuly 1, 2011

    @B. E. Earl: Which other Minnesota politician are you speaking of? I’m guessing you’re speaking about Joseph McCarthy who actually hails from Wisconsin. And since you made a mistake, you shall be vilified. VILIFIED!

    (Of course — if you’re thinking of someone else who actually IS from Minnesota, then never mind. 🙂

  3. Dave2July 1, 2011

    The money quote from Faiqa was this: “Focusing on these little flubs that she’s making and trying to be like “oh look she’s stupid” is so… such a distraction… from how dangerous of a candidate this can be for somebody like me who happens to have a liberal ideology.”

    This is absolutely correct, regardless of how smart or stupid you think that Michele Bachmann is. Her silly mistakes and quotes are what get the buzz… not her horrendous politics. And this scares me in ways I don’t even know how to enunciate. The focus really MUST be on the draconian anti-human things she believes. If all people ever know about her is that she makes an occasional gaff when speaking, they might still vote for her because she’s a Republican… or because she’s a woman… or because she’s from Minnesota… or whatever. Her goofy quotes have GOT to take a back seat to what she’s about. That’s what’s going to influence voters.

  4. B.E. EarlJuly 1, 2011

    Shiny – Well done, sir. Well done. Consider me vilified. VILIFIED! 😉

    Dave2 – You’re right. Faiqa hit the nail on the head with that one. But I do think it’s important that she is making these flubs (not the John Wayne one) on a subject matter that she is constantly throwing in our faces. And by “our” I mean people who are listening to her. And like it or not, that Katie Couric interview/disaster really hurt the McCain/Palin ticket in the polls. So yes, let’s discuss her horrendous politics. But let’s also continue to dog her on this crap. It’s so much fun.

  5. FaiqaJuly 5, 2011

    @ B.E.Earl Yeah. Except I make mistakes like that with geography all the time (see New Zealand… and where the hell is Catalonia?). And I would make a kick ass president. Just saying.

  6. B.E. EarlJuly 6, 2011

    @Faiqa, Yeah but you wouldn’t be caught dead running for President (Dictator, Supreme Goddess, whatever) on a geography platform, would ya?

    Catalonia, by the way, is a small island off of California (hence the similarity in names) where they have a kick-ass wine mixer. “F#@king Catalonia wine mixer!” You are most welcome.


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