Jew Collecting, Helicopter Parenting, and Facebook Friending HTMH #15 [LISTEN]


Challenging the Hey! That’s My Hummus mantra of “Fair and Balanced,” episode #15 brings in a special guest host filling in for Faiqa — and she’s neither Muslim nor Floridian! It’s Kyra, who happens to be (a) Jewish and (b) married to Shiny.  This certainly throws the balance of the show off-kilter, and hilarity inevitably ensues.

We take a look at the phenomenon of “Jew collecting” — where Jews, as a novelty, will identify celebrities — especially professional sports players — who happen to also be Jewish.  (We’re guessing that this is done across many different religions, nationalities and cultures.) We also discuss effective parenting and discipline (being that both hosts are parents of the same kid), and we conclude with a frank discussion about social media connections and what makes those “friendships” different from other interpersonal relationships.

Just a friendly reminder to submit your questions for Shiny for Episode #20 — Ask The Jew!  Shiny will be entertaining questions submitted on this blog, on Facebook, on Twitter (@ThatsMyHummus) and email at [email protected]  We’ll be recording in only five weeks.

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  1. RobinJuly 8, 2011

    Some black people (or brown folk in general) collect black people in Hockey. We’re in pretty much every sport except that one….whenever I see a black player in Hockey I get all excited. 🙂

  2. B.E. EarlJuly 15, 2011

    My buddy and Internet radio show co-host is Jewish, and he is a big-time Jewish ballplayer collector. It comes up quite often on our show.

    Because of him, I can probably name more Jewish ballplayers than Irish-American (my background) ballplayers.

    Hmm…make that definitely.


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