The Best of HTMH — With a Special Surprise Guest Host! [LISTEN]

Wow! Twenty episodes! Where has the time gone?!?

It was just about one year ago that Faiqa and Shiny first discussed the idea of collaborating on a project that would ultimately become Hey! That’s My Hummus!  First we were thinking about co-authoring a blog. Then it was a book. Then a news-based television show. Then it was a wacky sitcom about two families, one Muslim and one Jewish, who share a backyard and a miniature talking horse named Vinny. And ultimately? We decided to set our aspirations higher and work together on a podcast.

It’s been a wonderful twenty podcasts. We’ve talked about a multitude of different subjects. We’ve laughed, yelled, agreed, disagreed, disagreed even more, and vehemently disagreed. And we love it. And we look forward to bringing you many more in the future.

Since Faiqa is at BlogHer ’11 this week, we’ve decided to put together a compilation of two segments from past shows: the first is the reason for the namesake of the podcast — the great hummus debate.  Our pilot episode had this topic span over two, fifteen-minute segments, but we’ve cut it down to just one.  And then we look back at our discussion about the advent of a Muslim superhero in the Batman comic book series — and the prevalence of religious diversity within the superhero world.

And if you thought it didn’t get any better than that — we have a special, surprise guest host this week!   Many thanks to this awesome person for helping us out.

If you haven’t listened to our podcast before, this is a great one to listen to for a taste of what we’re all about.  If you have listened, please share this one amongst your friends if you think they might like it.  But listen anyway because — hey! Special Guest host!

We’ll be back next week for episode #21. Stay tuned!

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