Hijabs in Playland and Visible Faith [HTMH — LISTEN]


We’re baaaaack.

On August 30th, a young Muslim woman visiting Playland amusement park in Rye, New Jersey was asked to remove her head covering before riding on a roller coaster.  She refused, a crowd gathered, and, several minutes later, thirteen people were arrested.

Find out what happened in those several minutes, what we think about what happened, whether Carol Anne went into the light and what we think about visible expressions of faith in the latest episode of the Hey! That’s My Hummus!



  1. MeganSeptember 16, 2011

    Squee! You’re back and my morning drive will be wonderful once again. 🙂

  2. [email protected]September 16, 2011

    Flying car road rage coming to the sky near you soon…

    You guys had me laughing a bunch of times. Shiny, I am a Litvak-don’t take the Vilna Gaon’s name in vain. 😉

  3. HeatherSeptember 20, 2011

    Faika – I just wanted to share my excitement for your transition into wearing hijab. I felt such happiness when you and Shiney discussed your experience in this podcast. I am supporting you 1000%. May God make it easy for you!

    Your guys’ podcast is AWESOME! Keep it coming!

    Salaam and Shalom,


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