{{LISTEN}} Clemency for Troy Davis? And Is Jew or Not A Jew Okay or Not Okay?

You ever wonder whether someone is a Jew or not a Jew?  There’s an app for that.  Or was in France for a while, anyway.

In this episode of HTMH:

” ‘Jew or Not Jew’ app riles anti-racism group”

PARIS – A French anti-racism group has threatened to sue Apple over an iPhone application called “A Jew or Not a Jew?” that allows users to consult a database of celebrities and public figures to determine whether they are Jewish or not.

SOS Racisme said the application, sold for 0.79 euro cents ($1.07) on the Apple Store France, violates France’s strict laws banning the compiling of people’s personal details without their consent.

(From CBS NewsWorld, September 14, 2011)


And on a more local (and slightly more morbid) note, we discuss the movement for clemency regarding Troy Davis, a man convicted of murdering a Savannah police officer in 1989 and sentenced to the death penalty. 

(UPDATE: As of our recording, the clemency hearing was scheduled, but this morning’s news’ reports indicate that clemency was denied to Mr. Davis by the state of Georgia and that the execution is scheduled for tomorrow.)


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