Black Friday and the War on Christmas {{Listen}}

Well, it’s the week after Thanksgiving. Which means we’ve entered “The Holiday Season” — whatever that means!

And what exactly does it mean? What happens on that fateful Friday after Thanksgiving? Why do consumers go all crazy about getting that magical price on a plasma TV by camping out in the freezing cold for hours before?  Is this truly the way to spend the holiday? We talk a bit about how “Black Friday” has now become a part of our collective lives in the USA.

And after all of that — we (your favorite Jew and Muslim) delve into the “War on Christmas” — in which certain retail outlets have opted to use a more ecumenical “Seasons Greetings” instead of “Merry Christmas” to include a more diverse base of customers — and in which some have returned to “Merry Christmas” out of pressure by those who feel that Christmas has become an endangered species.  We have our own views on it as non-Christians. Listen and discover!

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