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Making the Darkness Disappear – {LISTEN}

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This week on HTMH, we’ll be talking about the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin on February 26th by a local captain of the neighborhood watch in Sanford, Florida.  We discuss whether race played a factor in the events or not.  Spoiler alert: someone calls someone a racist.

Then we go across the Atlantic to Toulouse, France.  It began on March 11 and ended there yesterday evening. A killing spree executed by a Frenchmen named Muhammed Merah that resulted in the death of 4 soldiers, 3 children and their father and teacher. In this episode of Hey Thats My Hummus, we’ll talk openly with one another about observations and feelings about this senseless act that affects each of us personally.

A special thanks to those of you who have been listening for the past year.  Your support, kind words and listenership is appreciated so very much. For real.


We love you, man.


This Week’s Tragic School Shooting… {{LISTEN}}

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On this episode, we’ll be talking about this week’s tragic shooting at a high school in Ohio which left 3 students dead, some more with injuries, and a community severely affected trying to figure out what went wrong. What were the factors which led up to this act of violence? Was it the shooter’s access to a gun? Was it his upbringing?

It’s a somber topic, and there are certainly many questions left unanswered.  Please let us know what you think — by posting to our Facebook Wall or by tweeting us.

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