Best of Hey! That’s My Hummus! – Vol. 2

We’ve hit the 50 show mark! Woo hoo!

And since we’ve made it to that point, we’re taking a quick break this week — no new show. However, we’re re-packaging an old show. Well, two, actually.  We’ve taken segments from two of our earlier shows (from all the way back in 2011) and repackaged them. Why? Because it’s a great way to hear us talk about topics which fascinated us back then (and still do now.)

Our first segment is from April 2011 — we talked about “Whitewashing Hollywood,” which is what happens when a white actor plays the part of an ethnic character.  It’s one of the best kinds of segments — which are the ones where Faiqa and Shiny vehemently disagree.

And then we move to the end of last summer — when we had a story about a woman who was in the middle of a controversy when she was denied access to an amusement park ride because she was wearing a hijab.  We talked about our own outward religious/cultural identities — as well as our own theme park experiences.

Even if you’ve heard these before — listen again! Nostalgia is cool. 🙂

And after you’ve finished with this episode? Listen to our last episode featuring Rachel Reynolds again. It’s one of the best we’ve done.

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