{LISTEN} Immigration Amnesty & New York Soda Ban

Show Notes

– See if you can spot the politically incorrect joke less than sixty seconds into the show. It ends with, “Okay. maybe that was politically incorrect.”

– First, we discuss President Obama’s executive order regarding illegal immigration.

– There is mention of the little known historical footnote known as the “The Great Polyester Pardon” issued during the Scheinberg presidency of ’75-’78

– Forget freedom of the press, we’re talking about REAL civil liberties here: 32 ounce soda.

– “Dear Santa, Even though we are Jewish and Muslim, we would very much like an east Asian intern named Harold. Thanks, HTMH”

– Apparently, Mike doesn’t “drink soda” anymore. Isn’t he SO.GREAT.

– I want a Dr. Pepper.


Music Credits:

Title Theme (Intro and Outtro):    Perfect One (Man Bites Dog) / CC BY-SA 3.0

Interstitial Music:  Quasi Motion (Kevin MacLeod) / CC BY 3.0

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