[53] Arizona Tent City & Guantanamo Bay

This Week’s “Extra Credit”:

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.
–Viktor Frankl

In this episode, we discuss human rights in the context of imprisonment. At 19, I read a book that changed my life irrevocably. It was by psychiatrist, existentialist and Holocaust survivor Dr. Viktor Frankl. The book, called Man’s Search for Meaning, documents Dr. Frankl’s time at the notorious Aushcwitz prison camp and describes the thought process he used to survive the most horrific of conditions. I’ve revisited this book several times since then and have drawn inspiration, strength and power from the words therein. Given the dreary circumstances we discuss in this week’s episode, I thought Dr. Frankl’s words might not only provide solace to individuals directly affected, but to all of us.

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