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Been a while…

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Hi! Did you miss us? We missed you. Honest.  (Although it probably doesn’t seem like it — in that we haven’t posted a new episode for nearly a year…)

So — let’s address that first, shall we?

Faiqa and I (this is Mike/Shiny) absolutely loved what we did on a regular basis — developing and presenting Hey! That’s My Hummus!  After a while, however, both of us became quite busy with other responsibilities which were taking up more time, and we simply didn’t have the resources available to continue on a regular basis.  There wasn’t a “falling out;”  we still talk to each other every so often on Facebook.  Our podcast series didn’t get canceled or sold to a media content company (we wish!), nor did we get sued by the hummus lobby.

Recently both of us have been thinking about our partnership — a lot of this has to do with the escalating events occurring in Palestine and Israel over the past several weeks. This is a war for which one of the battlegrounds has been social media:  each of us has been experiencing a wide range of posts, videos and articles on our Facebook feeds from all over the spectrum.  It has become tense. And when tensions rise, it’s usually an excuse to separate oneself from “the other folks” — making it more difficult for solid communication and understanding to occur between people who share different beliefs.

And that’s one of the things we loved about Hey! That’s My Hummus!  We obviously didn’t agree on every single issue. But we could discuss it. Not as emissaries of the Jewish and Muslim communities, but rather as two, multi-faceted individuals seeing this from different vantage points.  With that discussion often came different possibilities and understandings rather than the expected party lines.

We truly value what we have.  And we look forward to collaborating again in the future. We don’t know when, but we both share an interest in it. It could be weeks. Months. Years. We don’t know.  (If someone would like to contribute $250,000 to a Kickstarter fund in our names, I’m sure we could move the schedule up a bit…)


Today our paths crossed in a way which was a bit of an unexpected intersection:  Faiqa wrote a powerful blog post discussing what she has been observing this past month — stressing that we need to make a connection to those affected by this tragedy on a human level rather than one of ideals or factions. Read it.  I certainly didn’t do it justice in the previous sentence.  Within the hour, I had a selection of mine posted to The Listserve, a once-a-day email sent to aboout 24,500 people.  I wrote about our personal connection as individuals which stemmed from this podcast. (Hi to those of you who are reading this because of my post.)

The message is clear:  now, more than ever, we need to connect. Not as groups. Not as “us vs. them.”  As individuals. As humans.

I’m posting my Listserve email here for those of you not on the list.  (More after the break…)

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