[79] Capitulater, Alligator!

First Class Airline Seats“Capitulater, Alligator!”

“Patronage denial, Crocodile!”

This week’s show starts by talking about a specific boycott threat of Lands’ End — the company that makes quality catalog-ordered clothing and accessories.  When they decided to place a featured interview with Ms. Magazine founder and feminist activist Gloria Steinem in their latest issue, they received backlash due to Steinem’s reproductive rights stance and activism, even though not one word was mentioned about this in the piece. Lands’ End decided to retract the article and apologize to those who were offended.  Do boycotts (or threats of boycotts) end up with capitulation of the company? Or do they simply make a statement without enacting change?

We also talk about the discrimination lawsuit Israeli airline El Al faces due to a female passenger being asked to change her seat by a flight attendant because an Ultra-Orthodox passenger didn’t want to sit next to a woman.  Faiqa retells her similar experience when traveling to Pakistan as a teen.

Please ensure that your tray-tables are in their upright and locked position before listening to today’s episode.

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