[86] Inshallah and In-Ark-ah

There is singing on this episode! Granted it’s not the most impressive singing, but it’s still singing. To children’s songs. On YouTube. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. This episode is about two things specifically. The first of which is what happens when there are misunderstandings which occur in escalated situations due to someone using […]


[84] Bend It Like… Bathrooms?

Ripped from the headlines! We discuss two recent news stories that have had some traction lately… First, a Muslim seventh grade student from Houston was singled out in his class and told that “we all think you’re a terrorist” when he laughed at a movie (Bend It Like Beckham) they had been watching. The teacher […]

[83] Hair! That’s My Hummus

Let’s talk about hair: each strand of it contains your DNA — which are the building blocks of you. Every little individual trait is encoded on that one little piece of hair. And that strand? It’s strong. It can hold up to 100 grams. Multiply that by the 100,000 strands on the average human head […]