[84] Bend It Like… Bathrooms?

Ripped from the headlines!

We discuss two recent news stories that have had some traction lately…

First, a Muslim seventh grade student from Houston was singled out in his class and told that “we all think you’re a terrorist” when he laughed at a movie (Bend It Like Beckham) they had been watching. The teacher defended her actions saying that she was trying to teach the class about negative stereotypes. The student’s parents want the teacher removed. We discuss our experiences with being singled out due to stereotypes — and what we should be doing to ensure that this is not a common occurrence.

And then we talk about the recent passage of “bathroom bills” which have popped up in the south (including North Carolina’s HB2) which adversely affect the trans community and mandate that people (including students) use restrooms consistent with the sex on their birth certificate — even if that does not match their gender identity. What’s behind the fear-mongering? And how do our own religious and cultural traditions deal with transgender identity?

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