[85] Passover, Legumes and a Trip to the Mikveh…

This is a very special episode: Faiqa’s on her own to host this one, but she welcomes a special guest to help talk about these two Jewish traditions.

First — Passover. We’ve done Passover quite a bit on this show. Check out Episode 6, Episode 46 and Episode 67 if you have some free time.

However, this year we talk about a new decision regarding Kosher for Passover food: The Rabbinical Assembly’s Committee for Jewish Laws and Standards passed a resolution in November stating that it is permissible for Ashkenazic Jews (from Eastern-European descent) to eat legumes (or kitniyot) on Passover. This is a new development which reverses an 800 year old edict. How is that going to change things?

And we also talk about the Jewish ritual bath, or mikveh — and how it’s being re-purposed for a new generation. Traditionally used primarily by converts to Judaism to seal the deal and by married women ending their menstrual periods, communities (like ones in Boston and Washington, DC) are encouraging mikveh use for personal transitions and reflection. Listen to find out more…

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