[86] Inshallah and In-Ark-ah

There is singing on this episode!

Granted it’s not the most impressive singing, but it’s still singing. To children’s songs. On YouTube.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. This episode is about two things specifically. The first of which is what happens when there are misunderstandings which occur in escalated situations due to someone using language which isn’t fully understood. We talk about the recent incident onboard a Southwest Airlines flight where a passenger was removed due to his overheard spoken Arabic phrase of “Inshallah.” And we also discuss a bus trip in Texas where a Sikh man was removed for speaking in Punjabi with a fellow passenger. In both cases, other passengers felt that their safety was at risk. Was this simply a language barrier? And what does Inshallah mean, anyway?

And then we talk about the Biblical (and Quranic) stories of Noah and the ark. Are the narratives we learned rooted in truth? Does the Noah story contradict what we know in modern science?

And then there’s some singing and rejoicing.

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Music Credits:

Title Theme (Intro and Outtro):    Perfect One (Man Bites Dog) / CC BY-SA 3.0

Interstitial Music:  Body Language (Kid Ink ft. Usher, Tinashe)

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