[90] Remembering Pulse: Who Takes Responsibility?

It’s been a week of mourning and remembering the tragedy in Orlando last week — and as we continue to find new information about the shooter, people are continuing to try to wrap their heads around how and why this happened and if future similar tragedies can be prevented. We take a look at this from several angles: from the prospect (and verbiage) of “Radical Islam” to the accessibility of firearms to the character and background of the shooter himself. Faiqa then talks about the issues within the American Muslim community in coming to terms with the homophobia which often goes unchallenged.

It’s a heavy episode, we know. But we do mention that this is Mike’s first on-location remote recording from his son’s school. And we talk about preferred snack foods of the new cast of Ghostbusters. If you have anything to add, please tell us what you think on Facebook or Twitter. Also? Make sure to check us out on iTunes and rate us. If you leave us a great review we might read it on-air!

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Interstitial Music:  Pulse (Melissa Etheridge)

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