[92] 2016: A Mid-Year Review

“Whoa… we’re halfway there…” — Bon Jovi

We recorded this episode on June 30 — just about exactly at the halfway point of 2016. So much has happened thus far, and there’s still a whole lot to look forward to! During this episode we take a look at an article which was published at the beginning of 2016 which forecasted many of the year’s big events. What was a hit? What simply wasn’t? What’s coming up next? Follow along with us as we talk TV, politics, sports, literature and astronomy.

What’s been your highlight so far during 2016? What will be coming in the back half of the year? Please tell us what you think on Facebook or Twitter. Also? Make sure to check us out on iTunes and rate us. If you leave us a great review we might read it on-air!

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Music Credits:

Title Theme (Intro and Outtro):    Perfect One (Man Bites Dog) / CC BY-SA 3.0

Interstitial Music:  Peter Dinklage sung to the Game Of Thrones theme

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