[94] Old Hummus: Check the Label…

We have another “Best Of” episode! And a special guest host filling in as we introduce old clips! Janelle is a dear friend of both of ours and also lives in Tennessee (albeit the other side of the state). She’s been a big HTMH fan for five years now, and it was an honor having her help out. Janelle can also be heard on her podcast Clarksville Conversations.

The first segment comes from our Episode #1 (which is actually our second episode, since we started with episode 0. We’re absolute ordinal that way!). Recently we’ve heard statements from Newt Gingrich about “Sharia Law” and testing Muslim immigrants by asking if they believe in Sharia Law and using that answer to determine entry to the USA. This episode has Faiqa explaining a little more about what Sharia actually is and how it’s being misrepresented as an overshadowing of civil law. (From March 16, 2011)

Our next segment continues with a similar theme as Faiqa talks about the label of “Progressive Muslims” and what that stands for — especially in the United States. (From June 15, 2012)

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