[107] Vacations, Oceans and Long Walks in the City

We’re back after a long break! What prompted it this time? (Meaning — what’s our excuse this time?)

Well. Faiqa was travelling all around the world, having wonderful adventures in places where we couldn’t connect and do the podcast. But that’s okay. Because here we are…

We talk about Faiqa’s trip around the world on four continents and over three of the five oceans of the world! And we talk about some of the stuff Mike’s been doing as well — including his “Overnight” walk for Suicide Prevention Resources.

And we also have fun with Siri, asking it questions, demonstrating its shortcomings, and having it sing for us.

What are your thoughts on what we talked about? Tell us! Not only that, but tell us what you want us to talk about! Or who you want us to bring on as a guest! We’re standing by for your suggestions…

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