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[113] Is It Too Soon To Talk Gun Control?

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The country is reeling from the most devastating mass shooting in recent times which occurred in Las Vegas, NV last week. And, once again, the topic of gun control has come up in local media and government. What are we going to do about the access to firearms? What needs to change?

And the answer that often results? “It’s too soon to discuss this.” Right now it’s time to mourn for those whose lives were lost. To help the grieving families. Only after that healing has occurred should we talk about this. Except then another shooting happens. And another one. And another one. And the conversation is not yet had.

Is it too soon to talk gun control now? And if not now — when?

On this episode we (eventually) get around to talking about this issue — what hasn’t been working? What happened this time that makes it any different from any of the other mass shootings? What can be done about it without infringing upon the rights of those who legally own firearms? The shooter used “bump stocks” to emulate the rapid fire of a fully-automatic rifle. Is that what killed people? Should devices like these be outlawed?

It’s a pretty serious topic, but we try our best to make it all entertaining and engaging in our own way. What do you think? Are we on the right track? Let us know — by leaving a comment on our Facebook Page or on Twitter at @thatsmyhummus.

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  • [112] Thrice Fiction Magazine’s RW Spryszak

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    We have another special guest! Author RW (Bob) Spryszak is the co-founder and fiction editor at Thrice Fiction Magazine. A native of Chicago, he started writing at an early age and fine-tuned it as member of a Marjorie Peters’ Southside Creative Writers Workshop and then as a student at Columbia College of Chicago. In the late 1980s he was writing in the pre-internet “alt-zine” realm and then managed The Fiction Review out of Chicago. He has some pretty incredible and powerful (and surprising!) life experiences (which we discover only a few minutes into our interview). Listen and find out!

    Thrice Fiction also has two books which they have published — written by two authors who have written for Thrice. Feel free to browse through our Amazon links below:

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    Today’s podcast is brought to you by our Amazon portal.
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