[65] Justin Bieber and the Cult of Celebrity

This week on your favorite interfaith podcast, we discuss Justin Bieber’s recent appearance in the tabloids with his newest paramour, Miss Mary Jane. Then, we bring it home on whether or not teaching a small child to follow a particular religion can be considered brainwashing. If you’ve got comments, questionable flattery and show ideas, stop […]

[54] Is Being Religious Unfashionable?

A recent post on theoatmeal.com prompts a discussion about whether or not religion is “under attack” and the recent shooting tragedy in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado prompts us to wonder about the root causes of gun violence in America. Hey! That’s My Hummus is an Amazon Affiliate! Help us continue to bring you […]

Interfaith Marriage & Progressive Muslims

Ever wonder what the rules are in Judaism and Islam with respect to interfaith marriage? So have we. Today, we discuss. Stuff. And there’s also music. You’ll see why that’s funny about twenty minutes into listening. — Hey! You can support us financially now — at no extra cost to you!  It’s simple, really:  If […]

{LISTEN} Tim Tebow & the Patois Bible.

This week, Mike and I discuss NFL player Tim Tebow’s visible faith on the football field and the public’s reaction.  We also discuss the controversy surrounding the translation of the Bible into Patois, the indigenous language spoken in Jamaica. Comments, questions, or random trivia? Hit us up on our twitter account twitter.com/thatsmyhummus or on Facebook […]