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[94] Old Hummus: Check the Label…

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We have another “Best Of” episode! And a special guest host filling in as we introduce old clips! Janelle is a dear friend of both of ours and also lives in Tennessee (albeit the other side of the state). She’s been a big HTMH fan for five years now, and it was an honor having her help out. Janelle can also be heard on her podcast Clarksville Conversations.

The first segment comes from our Episode #1 (which is actually our second episode, since we started with episode 0. We’re absolute ordinal that way!). Recently we’ve heard statements from Newt Gingrich about “Sharia Law” and testing Muslim immigrants by asking if they believe in Sharia Law and using that answer to determine entry to the USA. This episode has Faiqa explaining a little more about what Sharia actually is and how it’s being misrepresented as an overshadowing of civil law. (From March 16, 2011)

Our next segment continues with a similar theme as Faiqa talks about the label of “Progressive Muslims” and what that stands for — especially in the United States. (From June 15, 2012)

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[70] We Talk About Boston…

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The bombings at the Boston Marathon occurred two weeks ago.  But law enforcement is continuing to put the pieces together — as is the public.  This episode of HTMH has us discussing our impressions and our feelings of what happened.

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[63] Special Guest from Tel Aviv @acandidworld

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Andrew Bennett, a visiting scholar at Tel Aviv University whose expertise lies in national security and international law, shares his experiences and thoughts about living inside Israel during this time of intense conflict.

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Ask A Muslim {{LISTEN}}

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In this episode, we discuss why Muslims don’t get their drink on and petting zoos.

I think that pretty much sums it up.



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A Very Special Episode of Hey! That’s My Hummus! {{LISTEN #24}}

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You’re just going to have to listen to find out what we talked about in this episode.

Sorry, but we have to put our feet down about something around here.  No synopses for very special episodes.

Okay.  Fiiiine.

I’ll give you a hint.




Podcasts have season finales.  Maybe even a cliffhanger, too.

You’re totally going to listen now.

We’re Kinda Hungry: Ramadan and Tisha B’Av {LISTEN} HTMH #21

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It’s no secret that Ramadan is this month and that Faiqa’s fasting, but did you know that Shiny also fasted this week?

Relax, he’s not converting, it was actually a Jewish observance called Tisha B’Av.  Learn all about our similarities and differences in this super special “going hungry” episode where we discuss the hows, whats and whys of fasting in our traditions.

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Driving Ms. Saudi, Search & Seizure, Jefferson Memorial Dance Off: Ep. 11 [LISTEN]

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Podcast Saudi Driving

In Episode 11, we talk about the arrest and release of a Saudi woman charged with … driving?  We also talk about how to keep the five-oh from hacking your Angry Birds app in case you get arrested and a civil disobedience dance off at the Jefferson Memorial.

We also suspect record highs of downloads for both Schindler’s List and “You Can’t Touch This” as a result of this episode.  You’ll see what I mean.

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Ritual and Religion

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** Have you listened to Episode 4: Conflicted, Slaughtering and Prince William’s Wedding, yet?  Download on iTunes or listen here **


Pakistani weddingsGrounded and crushed to a fine powder and then mixed with water, Mendhi, or henna, is an elaborate part of an Indian or Pakistani wedding.  The bride’s henna is often a focal point in a marriage.  There are various interpretations as to why henna is used in a wedding: luck, beauty, or good wishes.

Most of all, I think it’s just that it looks pretty.

One of the interesting assumptions on the part of a resource we mentioned in our last episode was that Mendhi is an “Islamic ritual.”  Not true.  Mendhi, or henna as it’s called in English and Arabic, is used throughout the world by various people as a form of decorative body art.  In fact, some resources suggest that its use was first documented back in the Bronze Age.  A famous henna ritual, for example, takes place among Yemenite Jews, in which the application of henna to a bride’s body takes several days.

It’s important, as I have mentioned in previous episodes, to remember that Islam, as it stands alone, is a spiritual way and a philosophy based upon strict monotheism, social justice and submission to the will of God.  Its prolific dispersion throughout the various parts of world, however, creates situations where indigenous cultures have stamped their unique marks upon the practice of the faith itself.

This is not a bad thing, in my opinion, but a testament to the simplicity of the faith.  It furthermore creates an opportunity for all Muslims to experience the richness of the global experience as they build communities in places such as the United States.  By virtue of being Muslim, I have been able to attend weddings of the Syrian, Kuwaiti, Saudi, Moroccan, Albanian and Bangladeshi variety to name a few.  Each of these weddings had a distinctiveness as well as basic similarities.

To further elaborate, I once read that Bosnian Muslims only get married on Saturdays.  Does that mean that being married on a Saturday is Islamic practice?  Not at all.  And, of course, a traditional Pakistani Muslim wedding occurs over the course of four to five days (at least), but that doesn’t mean a Muslim wedding is five days long.

These examples simply illustrate that there are all kinds of different ways that Muslims get married as well as live and even practice their religion.  At the heart of our marriage is the Nikah, or contract, most of the other practice is cultural and traditional choice.

Muslim, as I have said many times, is not a nationality or even a culture… it is a religion.  And, like all religions, Islam has proven malleable and it possesses the wonderful ability to be inserted into existing traditions and practices.  Finally, I suspect that the inability to make this distinction lies at the heart of most Islamaphobic rhetoric, therefore it’s pretty critical to make this leap in understanding.

I’m curious, how much of your wedding was religious and how much of it was cultural?  Does your faith have the same dynamic as mine or is every practice grounded in revelation?


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Episode 3: Ignorant Americans, Blood Money and Grossed Out By Glee?


Overheard in this episode of Hey! That’s My Hummus!

“And then Gleek the Monkey comes along… Gleek, The Congressional Monkey”

“I walked out of the room and got myself a Diet Coke during that intro… come on.”

“You have to have something in common, I like strawberries, you like strawberries, I hate God, you hate God…”


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