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[93] From the Back of the Fridge: Old Hummus

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This week we’re taking a look waaaay back into the depths of our collective HTMH refrigerator — to pull out some hummus that’s been sitting there for a looong time…

(Figuratively speaking, of course. Maybe.)

We took a pretty long hiatus after recording a good 74 episodes or so from 2011 through 2013. And some of these older episodes discuss some fascinating subjects which relate to what’s going on nowadays. For instance — we discussed the riots in Great Britain following the police shooting of a Black man which outraged a nation in our episode #22 recorded in August 2011. This was before the world had heard of Michael Brown, Eric Gardner or Tamir Rice. And with the latest episodes of African-American men being shot and killed by police officers as well as the tragic assassination of police officers in Dallas following a Black Lives Matter march, listening to what we discussed back then was rather interesting.

Hillary Clinton’s email investigation remains a hot topic in 2016. It stemmed from emails subpoenaed regarding the Benghazi attacks on the American Embassy to Libya in September of 2012 in which four Americans were killed — and where there was some initial confusion as to the nature of the events leading up to the attack. A parallel protest was occurring at the American Embassy in Cairo and it was thought that something similar was happening in Benghazi when initial assessments were made. In episode #58 we talk about “The Innocence of Muslims,” the inflammatory film which outraged Muslims in the Middle East and worldwide. You can listen to our analysis before we knew that this would become a talking point against Secretary Clinton for the next several years.

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[86] Inshallah and In-Ark-ah

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There is singing on this episode!

Granted it’s not the most impressive singing, but it’s still singing. To children’s songs. On YouTube.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. This episode is about two things specifically. The first of which is what happens when there are misunderstandings which occur in escalated situations due to someone using language which isn’t fully understood. We talk about the recent incident onboard a Southwest Airlines flight where a passenger was removed due to his overheard spoken Arabic phrase of “Inshallah.” And we also discuss a bus trip in Texas where a Sikh man was removed for speaking in Punjabi with a fellow passenger. In both cases, other passengers felt that their safety was at risk. Was this simply a language barrier? And what does Inshallah mean, anyway?

And then we talk about the Biblical (and Quranic) stories of Noah and the ark. Are the narratives we learned rooted in truth? Does the Noah story contradict what we know in modern science?

And then there’s some singing and rejoicing.

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