[104] “Look It Up Yourself.”

We’re sort of all over the place during this one. Aside from the friendly banter, we talk at first about the recent epidemic of bomb threats called into Jewish institutions — and the surprising suspect who was arrested. Mike talks about his kid’s personal experiences with one of these incidents last month. And then we […]

[82] What Happens on Campus…

… doesn’t necessarily stay on campus. This week’s episode goes back to college — as we discuss some issues which have been newsworthy lately but have also been longstanding issues since we were both in school. First: fraternities on campus. There have been episodes of dangerous behavior contributing to major injuries and death due to […]

[80] When you assume…

… you make an overstated cliche that everyone already knows. This week we take a break from the usual review of current events with our commentary sprinkled in — and we talk about ourselves.  There is far more to each of us than “Jewish, male podcast host” and “Muslim female podcast host.” Those around us […]

[63] Special Guest from Tel Aviv @acandidworld

Andrew Bennett, a visiting scholar at Tel Aviv University whose expertise lies in national security and international law, shares his experiences and thoughts about living inside Israel during this time of intense conflict. Have something to say?  Say it to us! Visit  our Facebook page and our Twitter account! Music Credits: Title Theme (Intro and Outtro): […]

{LISTEN} Identities and um… Muppets.

Does living in American make someone less Jewish?  Or Muslim?  In this episode, we discuss a series of commercials recently pulled by Israeli PM Netanyahu that were aimed at the U.S. Israeli expat community. Why were the commercials pulled and what do we think about that?  Well.  You’re going to have to listen to find […]