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[63] Special Guest from Tel Aviv @acandidworld

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Andrew Bennett, a visiting scholar at Tel Aviv University whose expertise lies in national security and international law, shares his experiences and thoughts about living inside Israel during this time of intense conflict.

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{LISTEN} Rutgers Student Sentenced & Ultra Orthodox Rally at CitiField

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Dharun Ravi, a Rutgers student found guilty of bias intimidation and invasion of privacy was sentenced to thirty days in jail and community service this past week. We also discuss an interesting rally at Citi Field where Haredi Jews, an ultra orthodox group, met to discuss the influence of the Internet in their lives.

This week’s show also starts off quite auspiciously when Faiqa forgets to introduce Mike, but makes a brilliant save in the second half.

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Hey! That’s Mike’s Matzah! {LISTEN}

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Passover is around a week away!

Join us for a very kosher episode of HTMH where we ask our Jewish friend “Why this night is different than any other night?” in Hebrew.  And by “we” I mean me, Faiqa. I’m feeling very royal today.

Enjoy the new episode and have a happy Passover.

Or a blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter.

Or, you know, just woo-hoo, TGIF.

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The Contraception Question and Escape from Orthodoxy {LISTEN}

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To co-pay or not to co-pay?  That was the question for a couple of weeks as new legislation was offered by the Obama administration regarding employers being required to offer full  coverage for contraception to their employees. Was the resulting compromise?  And, of course, the broader question, is access to contraception a basic right? We then switch gears and discuss a recent book by former female member of the Hasidic Satmar sect of Judaism and whether her decision to leave was a choice or an “escape.”

I also sound incredibly stupid as I can’t quite get the distinction between “orthodox” and “Orthodox” or “conservative” and “Conservative” Judaism.  “Whatever.”  Or “whatever.”

I need flashcards or something– which we also discuss.

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We don’t do concerns.

{LISTEN} Identities and um… Muppets.

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Does living in American make someone less Jewish?  Or Muslim?  In this episode, we discuss a series of commercials recently pulled by Israeli PM Netanyahu that were aimed at the U.S. Israeli expat community. Why were the commercials pulled and what do we think about that?  Well.  You’re going to have to listen to find out.

Then we switch gears and talk about what a commie that Kermit the Frog is. It ain’t easy being… red?

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Girls on the Bus and Boys in the Club {{LISTEN}}

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In this episode, we discuss gender in two very different contexts.

From the New York World:

On the morning of October 12, Melissa Franchy boarded the B110 bus in Brooklyn and sat down near the front. For a few minutes she was left in silence, although the other passengers gave her a noticeably wide berth. But as the bus began to fill up, the men told her that she had to get up. Move to the back, they insisted.

We then switch gears and discuss transgendered children in the context of a little boy who was recently admitted to the Girl Scouts of America.
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{{LISTEN}} Identity Politics and ‘Let Them Die’ -9/22/11

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An article in the WSJ entitled “Jewish Donors Warn Obama on Israel” prompted a discussion about identity politics.  Here’s an excerpt from the article.

Jewish donors and fund-raisers are warning the Obama re-election campaign that the president is at risk of losing financial support because of concerns about his handling of Israel.

The complaints began early in President Barack Obama’s term, centered on a perception that Mr. Obama has been too tough on Israel.


And since we’re talking about politics, we thought we’d dissect the possibility of a new slogan for the Tea Party given a recent audience outburst at a GOP debate in Tampa, Florida.

What should happen, the moderator asked hypothetically, if a healthy 30-year-old man who can afford insurance chooses not to buy it—and then becomes catastrophically ill and needs intensive care for six months? When Dr. Paul ducked, fondly recalling the good old days before Medicare and saying that we should all take responsibility for ourselves, Blitzer pressed the point. “But, Congressman, are you saying the society should just let him die?” At that point, the rabble erupted in cheers and whoops of “Yeah!”


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{{LISTEN}} Clemency for Troy Davis? And Is Jew or Not A Jew Okay or Not Okay?

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You ever wonder whether someone is a Jew or not a Jew?  There’s an app for that.  Or was in France for a while, anyway.

In this episode of HTMH:

” ‘Jew or Not Jew’ app riles anti-racism group”

PARIS – A French anti-racism group has threatened to sue Apple over an iPhone application called “A Jew or Not a Jew?” that allows users to consult a database of celebrities and public figures to determine whether they are Jewish or not.

SOS Racisme said the application, sold for 0.79 euro cents ($1.07) on the Apple Store France, violates France’s strict laws banning the compiling of people’s personal details without their consent.

(From CBS NewsWorld, September 14, 2011)


And on a more local (and slightly more morbid) note, we discuss the movement for clemency regarding Troy Davis, a man convicted of murdering a Savannah police officer in 1989 and sentenced to the death penalty. 

(UPDATE: As of our recording, the clemency hearing was scheduled, but this morning’s news’ reports indicate that clemency was denied to Mr. Davis by the state of Georgia and that the execution is scheduled for tomorrow.)


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A Very Special Episode of Hey! That’s My Hummus! {{LISTEN #24}}

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You’re just going to have to listen to find out what we talked about in this episode.

Sorry, but we have to put our feet down about something around here.  No synopses for very special episodes.

Okay.  Fiiiine.

I’ll give you a hint.




Podcasts have season finales.  Maybe even a cliffhanger, too.

You’re totally going to listen now.

We’re Kinda Hungry: Ramadan and Tisha B’Av {LISTEN} HTMH #21

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It’s no secret that Ramadan is this month and that Faiqa’s fasting, but did you know that Shiny also fasted this week?

Relax, he’s not converting, it was actually a Jewish observance called Tisha B’Av.  Learn all about our similarities and differences in this super special “going hungry” episode where we discuss the hows, whats and whys of fasting in our traditions.

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