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Best of Hey! That’s My Hummus! – Vol. 2

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We’ve hit the 50 show mark! Woo hoo!

And since we’ve made it to that point, we’re taking a quick break this week — no new show. However, we’re re-packaging an old show. Well, two, actually.  We’ve taken segments from two of our earlier shows (from all the way back in 2011) and repackaged them. Why? Because it’s a great way to hear us talk about topics which fascinated us back then (and still do now.)

Our first segment is from April 2011 — we talked about “Whitewashing Hollywood,” which is what happens when a white actor plays the part of an ethnic character.  It’s one of the best kinds of segments — which are the ones where Faiqa and Shiny vehemently disagree.

And then we move to the end of last summer — when we had a story about a woman who was in the middle of a controversy when she was denied access to an amusement park ride because she was wearing a hijab.  We talked about our own outward religious/cultural identities — as well as our own theme park experiences.

Even if you’ve heard these before — listen again! Nostalgia is cool. 🙂

And after you’ve finished with this episode? Listen to our last episode featuring Rachel Reynolds again. It’s one of the best we’ve done.

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{LISTEN} Identities and um… Muppets.

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Does living in American make someone less Jewish?  Or Muslim?  In this episode, we discuss a series of commercials recently pulled by Israeli PM Netanyahu that were aimed at the U.S. Israeli expat community. Why were the commercials pulled and what do we think about that?  Well.  You’re going to have to listen to find out.

Then we switch gears and talk about what a commie that Kermit the Frog is. It ain’t easy being… red?

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Episode 2: Purim Explained, Conservative Women, and UCLA Girl

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Overheard in this episode of Hey! That’s My Hummus!

“Ahasuerus… he’s kind of a frat boy, huh?”

Sometimes, it’s Wikipedia and then Torah… but mostly Torah and then Wikipedia…”

“This woman controlled, you know, whatever those seas are somewhere around Asia…”

“I will address you when I talk to you, young lady.”

“Who are these Asian friends… these race traitors?”


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For those of you looking for more information about the film, Arranged, which we discussed in this episode, you can find more about it on its IMDb page.

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