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[105] Dear “Dear White People” People…

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Yes. It’s been several weeks. We’ll get back on track soon. You trust us, right?

We both have watched the new Netflix series “Dear White People,” a 10-part sorta-comedy about students at the fictional Westminster College where, in 2017, the student body realizes that, even on a progressive campus as theirs, racism still exists. How do the characters interact? Does this show get white people defensive? In fact — what have some of the reactions been to the show itself?

We also talk about the different sub-groups within our own cultures and how they compare and contrast.

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[104] “Look It Up Yourself.”

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We’re sort of all over the place during this one.

Aside from the friendly banter, we talk at first about the recent epidemic of bomb threats called into Jewish institutions — and the surprising suspect who was arrested. Mike talks about his kid’s personal experiences with one of these incidents last month.

And then we talk about another issues that has started to gain attention: should marginalized groups have the responsibility to educate privileged groups? We came at this with different points of view, but it took an interesting turn.

(This video gives an interesting take on it. Have a look:)

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[99] Was Streep’s Leap Steep Enough?

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We talk about all sorts of things: The Women’s March which Mike is attending this weekend (and of which Faiqa is attending one of 600+ sister marches), Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech for the Cecile B. DeMille award at the Golden Globes, and what happens when parents cut off a daughter financially due to her interracial relationship — and she initiates a GoFundMe campaign. What is the responsibility of those with privelege? Are we going far enough?

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