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[107] Vacations, Oceans and Long Walks in the City

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We’re back after a long break! What prompted it this time? (Meaning — what’s our excuse this time?)

Well. Faiqa was travelling all around the world, having wonderful adventures in places where we couldn’t connect and do the podcast. But that’s okay. Because here we are…

We talk about Faiqa’s trip around the world on four continents and over three of the five oceans of the world! And we talk about some of the stuff Mike’s been doing as well — including his “Overnight” walk for Suicide Prevention Resources.

And we also have fun with Siri, asking it questions, demonstrating its shortcomings, and having it sing for us.

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[106] Power Trips / Random Quips

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We really would have brought you an episode at the beginning of last week. Honest. But the weather had other plans. Memphis was hit by a storm which knocked down power lines — leaving Faiqa with power for a week! Fortunately all is right with the electrical lines now, and we bring you this episode today.

And today we wax organically. Faiqa was a bit cut off from the world over the past week — an interesting experience in itself. We recap how we manage when power is out. We also talk about London, our president’s latest tweets and the two films which are currently taking America by storm — namely Wonder Woman and Boss Baby.

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[73] The Fast(er) Episode: #Ramadan and Fasting in the #Jewish Tradition

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In this episode, we talk about both the Muslim’s most holy month and various observances in the Jewish faith.

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[55] Rama-Dance the Night Away!

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Hey! It’s us.  We’ve missed you. Have you missed us? Yes? Good.

It’s been a bit of time since our last podcast as we’ve been busy during these final few weeks of summer (summer trips to California and NYC to be a panelist at BlogHer ’12, *ahem*). But we’re still thinking about you (honest!), and we’ll be back soon enough to deliver you some of the best new content you can find on a Jewish/Muslim podcast.

But first — did you know that we’re heading towards the end of the Muslim month of Ramadan?  It’s one of the reasons Faiqa’s evenings have been busy — as she fasts all day and observes a feast after sundown.  And this weekend begins Eid al-Fitr!  Which, in English, means the “Holiday of Fitr!”  (As you can sense, Shiny wrote this paragraph.)

As we wish Faiqa an Eid Mubarak,  let’s go back into our archives and listen to an episode from last year where she and I discuss our two very different (yet simultaneous) fasts which we observed. Two religions, one joint craving for pizza.

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We’re Kinda Hungry: Ramadan and Tisha B’Av {LISTEN} HTMH #21

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It’s no secret that Ramadan is this month and that Faiqa’s fasting, but did you know that Shiny also fasted this week?

Relax, he’s not converting, it was actually a Jewish observance called Tisha B’Av.  Learn all about our similarities and differences in this super special “going hungry” episode where we discuss the hows, whats and whys of fasting in our traditions.

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