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[111] Surprise! What You Thought You Knew About Judaism and Islam (But Don’t)

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We had a few technical difficulties with this episode, so if things towards the end sound a bit choppy and garbled — it’s not you; it’s us.

This episode talks about, among other things, certain tidbits from our respective religions which may surprise you a bit! As members of the Jewish and Muslim communities, we think we know everything about our OWN groups, all of the stereotypes about us and more. But there are certainly deviations from what everyone thinks must be correct.

The show stems from an article from the Forward called By The Numbers: 10 Surprising Demographic Facts About U.S. Jews. It takes a look at a recent study by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) which surveyed participants in the USA who identified either with a specific religious group or registered as unaffiliated. The survey talks more about the trends of religious life and culture in the United States, but it has some interesting things to say about education levels, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and more. Were you surprised by the results? Please let us know!

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  • [80] When you assume…

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    … you make an overstated cliche that everyone already knows.

    This week we take a break from the usual review of current events with our commentary sprinkled in — and we talk about ourselves.  There is far more to each of us than “Jewish, male podcast host” and “Muslim female podcast host.” Those around us have made assumptions about who we are, what we stand for, and how we think. But as multi-faceted individuals, sometimes they don’t get it right.  Each of us took five points which we feel people have assumed incorrectly about us.

    So? Listen! And also — let us know what assumptions people have made about you… Find us on Facebook or Twitter. Or click on the box below…

    What assumptions do people make about you that are not true?

    Posted by Hey! That's My Hummus on Wednesday, March 9, 2016


    As we mentioned yesterday – Faiqa was in Atlanta promoting a book of essays about Hillary Clinton which she participated in. Take a look at the book here:

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    [54] Is Being Religious Unfashionable?

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    A recent post on theoatmeal.com prompts a discussion about whether or not religion is “under attack” and the recent shooting tragedy in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado prompts us to wonder about the root causes of gun violence in America.

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    North Carolina Marriage Legislation & Organ Donation {LISTEN}

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    *** Special thanks to our friend Carl of the Recovery Room Podcast for hosting us last week on his show last week. ***

    OF COURSE we’re still here.

    We’ve been planning and scheming for the next chapter in our quest for world-hummus domination.

    In this episode, we discuss the recent legislation passed in North Carolina that redefines marriage as well as the groundswell of support created from Facebook’s promotion of organ donation.

    Thoughts, opinions or suggestions? Visit us on twitter or Facebook and sound off!


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    Hey! That’s Mike’s Matzah! {LISTEN}

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    Passover is around a week away!

    Join us for a very kosher episode of HTMH where we ask our Jewish friend “Why this night is different than any other night?” in Hebrew.  And by “we” I mean me, Faiqa. I’m feeling very royal today.

    Enjoy the new episode and have a happy Passover.

    Or a blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter.

    Or, you know, just woo-hoo, TGIF.

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    Virginia’s Conscience Clause & Affirmative Action Discrimination {{LISTEN}}

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    Pinocchio’s conscience was a cricket.  Do you remember that part of the story? Apparently, the Virginia legislature doesn’t need crickets because it’s got it own little “conscience clause” chirping away on a piece of legislation concerning adoptions that would allow religious organizations to disqualify potential parents they find to be “morally objectionable.” Specifically, “same sex couples.”


    Abigail Fisher didn’t get into the University of Texas. And she feels that her race had something to do with it.  Since Fisher is a white woman and not African-American nor Latina, she feels that the University took a look at race as a factor alongside her academic merits. Her lawsuit will be heard at the Supreme Court — where the issue of Affirmative Action will come up yet again.  Are we finally at a time where we no longer need to look at race and ethnicity to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity?

    So, people, are you ready for Hey! That’s My Hummus! the week of February 20, 2012?  Here’s hoping your answer is in the affirmative…

    The Contraception Question and Escape from Orthodoxy {LISTEN}

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    To co-pay or not to co-pay?  That was the question for a couple of weeks as new legislation was offered by the Obama administration regarding employers being required to offer full  coverage for contraception to their employees. Was the resulting compromise?  And, of course, the broader question, is access to contraception a basic right? We then switch gears and discuss a recent book by former female member of the Hasidic Satmar sect of Judaism and whether her decision to leave was a choice or an “escape.”

    I also sound incredibly stupid as I can’t quite get the distinction between “orthodox” and “Orthodox” or “conservative” and “Conservative” Judaism.  “Whatever.”  Or “whatever.”

    I need flashcards or something– which we also discuss.

    Have thoughts, questions, concerns? Thoughts and questions can be directed to our twitter account or Facebook.

    We don’t do concerns.

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    Ask a Catholic and the War on Halloween {{LISTEN}}

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    Milestone: In this episode, we host our very first guest!!

    Travel writer, blogger and our good friend, Britt Reints, answers questions about Catholicism and weighs in on how and how not to dress up for Halloween.

     You’ll notice that we’ve disabled the comments on our posts. 

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    Girls on the Bus and Boys in the Club {{LISTEN}}

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    In this episode, we discuss gender in two very different contexts.

    From the New York World:

    On the morning of October 12, Melissa Franchy boarded the B110 bus in Brooklyn and sat down near the front. For a few minutes she was left in silence, although the other passengers gave her a noticeably wide berth. But as the bus began to fill up, the men told her that she had to get up. Move to the back, they insisted.

    We then switch gears and discuss transgendered children in the context of a little boy who was recently admitted to the Girl Scouts of America.
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    A Very Special Episode of Hey! That’s My Hummus! {{LISTEN #24}}

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    You’re just going to have to listen to find out what we talked about in this episode.

    Sorry, but we have to put our feet down about something around here.  No synopses for very special episodes.

    Okay.  Fiiiine.

    I’ll give you a hint.




    Podcasts have season finales.  Maybe even a cliffhanger, too.

    You’re totally going to listen now.

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