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[104] “Look It Up Yourself.”

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We’re sort of all over the place during this one.

Aside from the friendly banter, we talk at first about the recent epidemic of bomb threats called into Jewish institutions — and the surprising suspect who was arrested. Mike talks about his kid’s personal experiences with one of these incidents last month.

And then we talk about another issues that has started to gain attention: should marginalized groups have the responsibility to educate privileged groups? We came at this with different points of view, but it took an interesting turn.

(This video gives an interesting take on it. Have a look:)

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[89] Zoos, Weather Patterns and Bad Parenting

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Hey! That’s My Hummus! has a few new features you should be aware of:

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  • We also began a new feature on today’s show where we went over the weather for listeners in certain areas. But we’re not sure if this is going to become a regular occurrence or not…

    Our main story is one that has been in the news over the past several days: A child fell into the Silverback gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, prompting the zoo’s response team to shoot and kill the 17 year-old gorilla. And the entire internet has gone wild with reactions and responses.

    We talk a bit about these responses as well as about zoos in general: are we at a point where they should finally be retired? We also discuss the strong reactions people are having towards the mother of the child who was in the enclosure. And we end up talking about our own parental mistakes which have cost us those coveted “parent of the year” awards.

    How about you? How have you demonstrated that you’re not the perfect parent? Tell us what you think on Facebook or Twitter. Also? Make sure to check us out on iTunes and rate us. If you leave us a great review we might read it on-air!

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