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North Carolina Marriage Legislation & Organ Donation {LISTEN}

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*** Special thanks to our friend Carl of the Recovery Room Podcast for hosting us last week on his show last week. ***

OF COURSE we’re still here.

We’ve been planning and scheming for the next chapter in our quest for world-hummus domination.

In this episode, we discuss the recent legislation passed in North Carolina that redefines marriage as well as the groundswell of support created from Facebook’s promotion of organ donation.

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Virginia’s Conscience Clause & Affirmative Action Discrimination {{LISTEN}}

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Pinocchio’s conscience was a cricket.  Do you remember that part of the story? Apparently, the Virginia legislature doesn’t need crickets because it’s got it own little “conscience clause” chirping away on a piece of legislation concerning adoptions that would allow religious organizations to disqualify potential parents they find to be “morally objectionable.” Specifically, “same sex couples.”


Abigail Fisher didn’t get into the University of Texas. And she feels that her race had something to do with it.  Since Fisher is a white woman and not African-American nor Latina, she feels that the University took a look at race as a factor alongside her academic merits. Her lawsuit will be heard at the Supreme Court — where the issue of Affirmative Action will come up yet again.  Are we finally at a time where we no longer need to look at race and ethnicity to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity?

So, people, are you ready for Hey! That’s My Hummus! the week of February 20, 2012?  Here’s hoping your answer is in the affirmative…

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