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[110] Holly Seibold of BRAWS (Bringing Resources to Aid Women’s Shelters)

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Tonight it’s just Mike — Faiqa is taking the week off, but will return for our next episode!

This episode brings us a special interview with Holly Seibold, the founder and executive director of BRAWS (Bringing Resources to Aid Women’s Shelters), a non-profit organization founded in 2015 which has been distributing women’s hygiene products and bras and underwear to women in shelters around the DC area. We talk about how she started the organization, the challenges of the ongoing stigma of menstruation, the battle against the “tampon tax” and more.

Holly is the winner of the 2016 Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce Emerging Influential Leader of the Year Award and Nominee for the Heroines of Washington 2017 award. Holly is a fierce advocate for women’s rights, testifying in Washington, DC and in Richmond, VA in favor of the repeal of the tampon tax and an increased access to menstrual supplies for all girls and women . Most recently, she participated in Congresswoman Grace Meng’s panel, “The Case for Menstrual Equity: How Policies Surrounding Menstruation Affect Outcomes for Women” and was featured on the cover of the Washington Post in the article, “The Once-Whispered Topic of Women’s Menstruation Now Has Political Cachet.” Holly has been featured on NBC4 Washington, ABC 7 News, Good Morning Washington, Northern Virginia Magazine, Fairfax Public Access, StreetSense.org, NPR, The GW Hatchet and the cover of the Connection Newspaper.

You can reach BRAWS on Facebook, Twitter (@BRAWSorg) and Instagram (also @BRAWSorg).

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[98] What Happens Now?

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Remember how the last episode was all like “Wow! It’s been a long time?”

This break between shows was just a bit longer. 🙂

You see — we recorded a show on the eve of the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Our show was our impressions of the first debate between the two. We were talking about all of the outrageous, unprecedented things that were happening during this presidential race. Things that we simply couldn’t fathom happening.

Until the next day when something even more outrageous happened. And then the next day. And then the next. Things got busy, things got intense, and we decided that we would resume our podcast right after the presidential election and the obvious victory of Hillary Clinton, the first female president elect of the United States.

Things turned out a bit differently.

The election results threw us for a loop. Both Faiqa and Mike had very strong concerns (we still do!) about the direction that our country was taking and has continued to take. What does it mean when we saw that so many people voted for a candidate who has said disparaging things about women, Muslims, immigrants and many other people? How do we process a nation which is so utterly divided and needs something or someone to bring us together? What happens when there is a void in the position to do exactly that?

What do we do as we begin 2017 with a new administration? What are the next steps?

That’s what we talk about in this episode — which we recorded on Sunday, January 8, 2017 — mere hours before Faiqa’s birthday. It’s longer than usual. And emotional. It took a long while for us to be back at a point where we felt we could do this. But we’re so grateful that we are back. And that you’re back, too. If you’re listening, that is…

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[71] And we’re baaaack!! #parenting

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Whoa, it’s been a long time, our friends! With our kids officially home for the summer, we’re kicking the season off by discussing parenting. And Sesame Street, naturally.

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Virginia’s Conscience Clause & Affirmative Action Discrimination {{LISTEN}}

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Pinocchio’s conscience was a cricket.  Do you remember that part of the story? Apparently, the Virginia legislature doesn’t need crickets because it’s got it own little “conscience clause” chirping away on a piece of legislation concerning adoptions that would allow religious organizations to disqualify potential parents they find to be “morally objectionable.” Specifically, “same sex couples.”


Abigail Fisher didn’t get into the University of Texas. And she feels that her race had something to do with it.  Since Fisher is a white woman and not African-American nor Latina, she feels that the University took a look at race as a factor alongside her academic merits. Her lawsuit will be heard at the Supreme Court — where the issue of Affirmative Action will come up yet again.  Are we finally at a time where we no longer need to look at race and ethnicity to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity?

So, people, are you ready for Hey! That’s My Hummus! the week of February 20, 2012?  Here’s hoping your answer is in the affirmative…

The Contraception Question and Escape from Orthodoxy {LISTEN}

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To co-pay or not to co-pay?  That was the question for a couple of weeks as new legislation was offered by the Obama administration regarding employers being required to offer full  coverage for contraception to their employees. Was the resulting compromise?  And, of course, the broader question, is access to contraception a basic right? We then switch gears and discuss a recent book by former female member of the Hasidic Satmar sect of Judaism and whether her decision to leave was a choice or an “escape.”

I also sound incredibly stupid as I can’t quite get the distinction between “orthodox” and “Orthodox” or “conservative” and “Conservative” Judaism.  “Whatever.”  Or “whatever.”

I need flashcards or something– which we also discuss.

Have thoughts, questions, concerns? Thoughts and questions can be directed to our twitter account or Facebook.

We don’t do concerns.

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Episode 2: Purim Explained, Conservative Women, and UCLA Girl

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Overheard in this episode of Hey! That’s My Hummus!

“Ahasuerus… he’s kind of a frat boy, huh?”

Sometimes, it’s Wikipedia and then Torah… but mostly Torah and then Wikipedia…”

“This woman controlled, you know, whatever those seas are somewhere around Asia…”

“I will address you when I talk to you, young lady.”

“Who are these Asian friends… these race traitors?”


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For those of you looking for more information about the film, Arranged, which we discussed in this episode, you can find more about it on its IMDb page.

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